- Jaça Confecções -

Jaça Confection is a solid and respected company in the market of female and gospel, working in this segment since 1990.

We, from Jaça Confection, are specialist in the development of female clothes in jeanswear and tencel. Our staff is always with the eyes open in the segments of fashion of the moment, we also develop actual and comfortable clothes for the female public, therefore the chosen involved professionals by Jaça are always the more capable, like our suppliers and partners. The material that we use in our confection is the best of the market, supplied by Santista Têxtil, Vicunha and Cedro Cachoeira, respected companies with the best material of the market, guaranteeing the quality and durability of our clothes.

- Jeanswear
The Jeans started being used in 1850 in the peak of the running for the gold and the American west conquest, its resistance, provided a bigger durability, and made that its acceptance was immediately. Then was created the jeanswear, a reinforced stile of confection, which was destined originally to work clothes. This concept, lasts until nowadays and it’s been extended even more. Today the jeans is also a way of good-looking and everyday clothe, without loosing its charms and elegance. You can notice that it’s increasing a proliferation of the concept of the jeanswear dressing, due to the convenience and practical allied to a easy maintenance in a time that we are even more without a free time and any facility provided become fundamental.

- Tencel
Tencel is a new product in the market that represents the highest level of advance of the technology.
Produced by wood fiber, it provides to the clothe the touching characteristics, feeling and luxuriance of the silk, with robustness and comfort. This new product is ideal to the clothes in the jeanswear stile.